Touch Thermostat & Actuator

  • Full remotely configurable thermostat
  • Heat/Cold/OFF operating mode
  • Simple and intuitive touch user interface
  • Heating/Cooling operating mode (remotely configurable)
  • Weekly programming (remotely configurable)
  • ZigBee radio remote actuator with relay
  • Temperature resolution: 0,1°C
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
  • Thermostat user interface is battery powered


Z-CTT-HA ZigBee Home Automation Touch Control Thermostat with Remote Actuator

The Z-CTT-HA is a wireless indoor thermostat with a programmable weekly heating schedule and a remote actuator for pump/heating-cooling management. It is designed for indoor temperature regulations with a simple user friendly interface. Thanks to its innovative design and advanced features, the “touch me” thermostat takes full advantage of the sensitive touch technology.
When combined with a ZigBee Home Automation Gateway it is possible to remotely configure using mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) or PC.

Possible functions are:
• Temperature set points settings
• Modes settings:
– Heat/Cold/OFF
– HEAT : the thermostat purpose is to heat the building; the activation of the remote relay is done when the temperature is below the setpoint
– COLD: the thermostat purpose is to cool down the building; the activation of the remote relay is done when the temperature is above the setpoint
Either HEAT and COLD mode setpoint are set from the remote Gateway.

• Working mode settings: Summer or Winter (Heating/Cooling)

Designed to solve the most common problems that arise when using a normal or existing thermostat, the new touch me thermostat is simple and easy to use: thanks to its intuitive user interface anyone can adjust settings in order to reach their desired comfort levels.

Connecting to a smart device it allows the user better visibility and control over their heating system.
Thanks to the remote actuator and the direct wireless command that it can receive from the thermostat user interface, Z-CTT-HA is a very flexible system that allows to control pump and heating/cooling system. Actuator can be placed in the near proximity of the device that must be switched on/off while the thermostat user interface can be placed in the desired comfort place.

Operational functionalities:
• Thermostat user interface manage directly the remote relay actuator
• Regulation is operational, even if the ZigBee network coordinator is not reachable
• Operational status (i.e. communication between the thermostat and the remote relay) can be supervised through ZigBee HA

Technical Specs
General characteristics
Chip Ember EM357
Compatible IEEE 802.15.4
Stack EmberZnet 4.7.x (ZigBee PRO)
Home Automation
Wall mounting with screws
RF characteristics Frequency: 2405 MHz ÷ 2480 MHz
Modulation: DSSS
Nominal transmission power: 16 dBm
Reception sensitivity: 100 dBm
Internal antenna gain: 0 dB
Coverage outdoor/indoor: 100m/30m
Supply 2xAA 1,5V alkaline battery
Battery life: 18 months minimum
Auto/Manual/OFF operating mode (remotely configurable)
Heating/Cooling operating mode (remotely configurable)
Hysteresis: -/+0,25°C (remotely configurable only)
Weekly programming
Temperature measurement: +6°C ÷ +40°C
Temperature resolution: 0,1°C
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Actuator Relay Contacts 250V
Maximum load: 2A
Expected life: 100.000 cycles with resistive load
Supply: 230 Vac
 Thermostat dimensions  86 x 86 x 22 mm
 Thermostat weight  190 g
 Actuator (remote relay) dimensions  76 x 116 x 22 mm
 Actuator weight  120 g
 Packaging  Dimensions: 150x250x47 mm, weight: 380 g
Environment parameters Operating temperature: -10 ÷ +60°C; <80% U.R. not condensing
Storage temperature: -20 ÷ +70°C; <80% U.R. not condensing
Degree of protection: IP 30
Compliant with 2006/95/EEC, 89/336/EEC, 99/5/EEC directives
Product law applied
ETSI EN 300 328: Radio Compatibility for digitals wide band transmissions
ETSI EN 301 489: Radio Compatibility
EN 61000-6-2: Electromagnetic Compatibility – Emissions
EN 61000-6-3: Electromagnetic Compatibility – Immunity
EN 60950-1: Electric Safety