Data Logger GreenBox

  • Data reading from 4-noks wireless devices and wired Modbus RTU devices
  • Browser based interface to ZB-Connection network for configuration and set up
  • Datalogger with local and remote storage capability
  • Modbus communications for integration to BMS/PLC/SCADA systems
  • Web services allows to push or pull data to any server/database – Full API provided
  • Integrated Quad-band Gsm/Gprs modem
  • Data access via ethernet or cellular communications
  • Built in SMTP to send logged data (CSV Format) and diagnostics logs via email
  • Built in file transfer (FTP/SFTP) to send logged data (CSV Format) to a host at configurable intervals
  • System and communication diagnostics


Data Logger GreenBox

GreenBox is a user friendly interface allows for simple setup and configuration of the wireless sensors. This means solutions can be rapidly installed, without major disruption to the site of its occupants. GreenBox provides complete data access via Ethernet or Cellular Communications. Key features include configuration and set-up of ZB-Connection sensors, elevation of data points, calculations, historical trending, sensor diagnostics, and export data via external webservice calls, FTP, CSV and the Modbus protocol. GreenBox uses Flash memory for internal storage instead of a hard disk to maintain its ruggedness. The GreenBox is totally self-contained, requiring no external PC or application for its use. Any number of web browser users can access the device. There are no other licensing requirements to use the product. The GreenBox is ideal for small, medium and large buildings or processes that require discreet energy management platform in a building that can serve the data to any dashboard/reporting tool or a BMS/PLC/SCADA System.

Technical Specs
ZB-Connection Gateway/Interface
Create a ZB-Connection wireless network. Rapidly install and set up devices and data points – ensuring the wireless network is setup correctly
Modbus TCP/IP Communications Connects to a Modbus master via TCP/IP to retrieve, log and forward Modbus data points logged by the GreenBox. Modbus TCP slave further extends to allow direct access to the devices within the network and their internal registers
Web Services Integrate data to any dashboard or management platform through our webservice API – push and pull data
Ethernet Interface 
Built in high speed 10/100 Mbit Ethernet links to the Internet or corporate Intranet
GSM/GPRS GSM/GPRS communications for remote applications
Security User ID/password security with multi-user level access
HTTP Web Server Built in Web server for simple device configuration and data presentation
File System Protected file system maintains logged data when powered down
CSV Files Logged data may be exported via email / FTP / Web browser as CSV file format for use in spread sheets and aM&T systems at configurable intervals and to multiple email addresses
Email Server Built in SMTP to send logged data and diagnostics logs via email
File Transfer Built in file transfer (FTP/SFTP) can send logged data to a host at configurable intervals
Time Synchronisation Built in battery backed time clock with automatic synchronisation via the network
Data Visualisation Built in profiling presents interactive charts in a Web Browser to reveal historical data from logged data points
Diagnostics System and communication diagnostics
Updates The GreenBox can be updated remotely over the Ethernet network to reduce maintenance costs