Plug … and Play!

4-noks presents the Plug & Play Network concept, that is an easy-to-install ZigBee network.
Our Company has manufactured a wide range of sensors and actuators currently used in both civil and industrial environments with particular focus on monitoring and measurement of buildings energy.
Available with ZB-Connection Gateway, ZigBee wireless Plug & Play devices can easily be connected to a PC through one of the following interfaces: RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet or the MODBUS RTU/TCP protocol.
Information detected on the network can be processed with either SCADA (Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition) or BMS (Building Management System).
PLC can equally be hooked up to trigger advanced automated monitoring processes.
A ZigBee Bridge has been developed to allow maximum systems flexibility. Using our Bridges and Gateways, Third Parties ModBus can connect to a Master through ZigBee wireless network.


Key Features

  • ZigBee technology- a robust wireless communication network
  • Standard Modbus protocol interfaces into ZigBee network
  • No ZigBee and RF skills required
  • Quick and low-cost installation
  • Wide range of sensors and actuators
  • Energy monitoring – Main Meter & Sub Meter Level
  • Intelligent HVAC/lighting control (switching)
  • Environment monitoring (Temperature, Humidity, Lux, CO2 Levels)
  • Individual Circuit & Appliance Level Monitoring & Control
  • Connect third party Modbus devices without wires
  • Integrate ZB-Connection to an existing BMS/PLC/SCADA System
  • Portable handheld diagnostic tool available
  • Customized modules for OEM devices