Innovative wireless technologies

Developed to monitor and control wireless transmission devices, the ZigBee Technology is a versatile low power solution.
Abiding to 802.14.4 industry Standards, it provides robust and reliable communication solutions even in areas with high radio interferences.
ZigBee technology includes the following functionalities:
– Energy Detection
– Clear Channel Assessment
– Channel Agility
These features allow the device to detect the best transmission channel thus to avoid an alternative network such as Wi-Fi.
Furthermore the delivery confirmation guarantees receipt of the transmitted radio packages.
Scalable security levels protect the networks and the message sent.
The ability to cover large areas of transmission, thanks to the routers signal pattern, is one of ZigBee unique characteristics.
Otherwise known as MESH, it distinguishes our solution to many other providers.
In addition to Mesh Networking, that serves as a relay for other nodes to propagate data, we also provide a “self-healing” capacity to forward messages through our router should a node become unavailable or experience a technical issue.