Home Automation Technology

Home automation innovating systems

It was just until a short time ago that domotics was considered something for amateurs or for luxury houses, but thank to the indroduction of Home Automation machines we are joining a growing mass market: our own home.
The ZigBee technology of the ZB-Connection products range provides a valuable approach supported by a standard for Home Automation application capable to grant strong but economical solutions ensuring high efficiency and security.
Home Automation supports several tools in the field of light, of contidioning and consumption monitoring.
Moreover, the ZigBee Home Automation technology permits the communication between devices of other brands.

ZB-Connection and ZigBee technology for housing

Control and good value
– Automatic control of the lights and hot/cold system
– Capability to query/check devices from any place in the house or from far positions
– Low costs for installing and updating because of the removal of the cabling

Energy management
– Automated control of energy cost

Security and Protection
– Connection to several types of devices meant for lighting, security, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) in an organic whole.
– Remote control of any device of the plant.