Zb-Connection products in Australia and Asia

4-noks announces its OEM alliance with EasyIO for distribution in Australia and Asia

EasyIO, a company from Singapore having a certain clout in the M2M, within the fields of energy and of Building Automation and 4-noks®, the Italian brand leader within the ZigBee technology for monitoring, the control and the energy saving, has recently signed an OEM agreement concerning the devices bearing the brand EasyIO which will be promoted through the EasyIO channels across the whole world.


EasyIO will integrate its own solutions with the 4-noks® devices of the ZB-Connection line for the interface with the cheks EasyIO Sedona and EasyIO of the brand Niagara Framework. EasyIO will launch the new FG series during 2013, sure that it will meet an enormous impact on the Australia and Asia markets for automation. The 4-noks ZigBee products will be part of this world wide launching. That will also be a key product for the BV House System with the EasyIO brand, the official EasyIO distributor for Europe.


The ZB-Connection devices we are talking about are the wireless gateways that can be connected to the EasyIO controller and to other MODBUS standard interfaces (RS485, RS232, USB, Ethernet) and the ModBus ZigBee bridges for connecting third parties ModBus devices to a Modbus master.


“We choose 4-noks® because of its easy to use wirelss devices that allows to connect to the Modbus Slave port from the range of our controllers. We see a fgrowing market for 4-noks® and its wireless products, in particular in the field of Automation and from the point of view of the consummed energy”, claimed Mike, co-owner of the EasyIO Holdings Pte Ltd.


“4-noks® is enthusiastic to work cooperating with EasyIO which offers the proper technologies for our projects in Asia”, said Corrado Marchetti, Managing Director at 4-noks®.


EasyIO will present the ZB-Connection products during the events planned to take place in the United States, in Australia and across the Europa during year 2013.