Fiera KSK Germania

4-noks presents at the exhibition of the wholesaler KLK in Germany the smart App to maximize the use of pv energy

4-noks participated from 23 to 25 August 2013 at the exhibition held at the headquarters of the wholesaler KLK Elektro in Kaiserslautern in Germany.


The many visitors to the fair have appreciated the user-friendly Elios4you App which, thanks to the intuitive graphic interface, optimizes the self-consumption and display when you have energy available produced by your PV plant to power electrical appliances at home.
The new Power Reducer was also presented to the show, the propotional controller that automatically diverts any surplus energy to the immersion tank, always guaranteeing free hot water.


“The Self-Consumption is the future of photovoltaics also here in Germany,” said Corrado Marchetti, CEO of 4-noks. “With the simple and innovative Elios4you App we meet this new market requirement; in addition if we match the Power Reducer, the economic benefits of the photovoltaic system are maximized going to increase the savings on electricity bill.”