A big thank you all to our visitors during Save 2012

Successo di 4-noks al Save 2012

The partecipation of 4-noks to the Exhibition and Conference Save 2012 for Automation, Industrial Instrumentation and Sensors turned out to be a great success.


4-noks presented the wireless ZigBee products from the ZB-Connection range for monitoring and the control of the energy and environmental parameters. The interest these two devices raised was excellent, especially for the possible application for energy saving within Energy Management, within Building Automation and Industrial Automation.
The 4-Modem product for energy consumption monitoring for offices, corporations, jyms… revealed itself as extremely useful for all the System Integrators who paid us a visit.
“We are very satisfied for how the Save show was” commented Corrado Marchetti, CEO at 4-noks’; “We collected a lot of contacts and all of them were interesting for our business”.


Also the workshop we run the first day of the Conference has been a moment to deepen the 4-noks ZigBee solutions for energy saving, thank to practical examples for installations, very helpful for the people who was listening.