Energy Saving, Monitoring Systems

 Excellence in the Monitoring Systems

Based on ZigBee technology, 4-noks s.r.l. designs and develops systems for monitoring, controlling and saving energy.
We provide customers with innovative eco-friendly solutions suitable for trading, housing and industrial application that lead to remarkable improvements in the field of energy efficiency.
The main goal is to examine energy parameters in order to employ strategies to preserve the comfort and the safety of the environments for living and working, saving energy and, likewise, costs.

ZigBee technology offers systems for the monitoring and the control
– wireless and easy to use
– whose final aim is to save energy, which is a highly topical issue for the future of the planet.
Our company is led by a team of dedicated and skilled people
– all of them focused on methods to reduce energy consumption
– pursuing one and only purpose: to offer nothing but the best in terms of technology, processes and quality, thus to deliver an excellent service.

As part of this effort we keep a strong connection with our users and we focus on the continuous research and development of products of monitoring systems to satisfy their requests and fulfill their expectations.