Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade

Remote control of the fire brigade truck fleet


The Scenario
During the summer many European countries have to fight against wildfire problems. Fire brigades are spread around the territory trying to extinguish many focuses. Sometimes fire fighters tend to let the fire spread while they do the best they can to save lives and structures. For all these reason an efficient organisation equipped with high technologies can save human lives or buildings.


The Requirements
The requirement that our customer had was to have the complete situation of all the trucks always up to date in the logistic centre. In particular the directional unit needs to know where each truck is, and how is the status of the machine. The most important information required are:
– water tank level
– gasoline tank level
– alarm status
– latitude and longitude (km/miles from the new target zone)
– truck/crew working hours


The Solution
In order to know where each fire brigade is and how is the status of their truck, the solution was to collect all the data using a ZB Network and send all these information to the control station every hours or when there is a significant change in the data. The data is sent using the GPRS technology to the control station. An application program receives all the truck data and store into a database. When a new fire alarm is received the user can consult the database, the application program suggest the nearest and best equipped truck so the user can contact the crew and pass them information about the new job.


The Technology
ZigBee technology is rapidly proving to be useful in these applications, helping installer an easy mode to improve the automated monitoring functions. By providing low–cost, low–power wireless technology that can cover large automation meshing network.


The Benefits
Employees at the control station are now very efficient and they do not waste time because they have the complete situation of the entire truck fleet under control and updated with the last status and position in the territory. The real benefits can be counted in number of saved life or saved structure. This system has been tested in the last ten months and it demonstrates also a saving in the firefighters salary, due to less extra-works and gasoline cost.