Energy Consumption management and its Importance

The worth of Energy Management and Saving: the smart control of electrical consumption within civil, trade and industrial environments became more and more important to reduce the electric consumption bill. Using the ZigBee technology, our products allow a real time communication with between users and and utilities employed to enhance the energy and power consumption management. For example, the AMI system (Advance Metering Infrastructure) and the HAN system (Home Automation Network) may work together and spot any high consumption device switching the thermostat setting of a HVAC system.


ZB-Connection devices can oversee:

  • Energy consumption
  • Illumination
  • Fan Coil
  • Heating, Cooling (HVAC)
  • Environmental Parameters: temperature, luminosity, humidit


  • Display the consumption in any part of the day with the minute detailed
  • Ameliorate the energy economy and efficiency
  • Monitor the energy costs in order to preserve the energy for the demand peaks
  • Plan the energy preservation
  • Save money during the periods when energy cost floats
  • Eventually take advantage of the discounts proposed by the supplying companies
  • Decrease CO2 emissions