Building Automation Systems – The Excellence of 4-noks System

In the Building Automation, also called Building Integrated Management, coexist many subsets and plants mutually integrated in a smart way (for example warming up and conditioning for electric energy management and illumination systems, video surveillance, security, fire alarms). ZB-Connection products integrate with the Building Automation; worth to mention is the versatility of its sensors allowing an easy set up with no particular bonds for assembly, thus reducing the costs to the minimum.


ZB devices can monitor:

  • Power consumption
  • Lightening
  • Fan Coil
  • Heating, cooling (HVAC)
  • Environmental Parameters: temperature, luminosity, humidity
  • Alerts: flames, intrusion


  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Actions to improve the efficiency and the energy saving
  • Flexibility in the applications
  • Fast and low cost installation
  • Reduced impact on the environment